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Perspective Writings

Perspective writings by Rashaki Maskani and Tommy Lee.

This perspective describes how the power structure enslaved Africans and mentally affected them to the point of losing their identity (strategically stripped of their identity) and causing them to want to be like something other than themselves.

This perspective introduces an alternative definition of education and two human improvement

concepts; “Triangle Elements of Improvement” and “The Circle of Repetitive Refinement”.

This poem identifies corrupted systematic characteristics that people follow

knowing that it is the wrong thing to do but they perform the acts regardless of its incorrectness.

An explanation of each line of the poem follows to give a greater overstanding of its content. 

This perspective was developed to challenge the negative stereotypes related to the

subject of mathematics. It also contains strategies to improve math skills and a parent guide.

This perspective identifies the potential inner strength of humans and how they can access their greater self to live a productive life.

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